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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Agloco Growing Pains

As many of you know, there were some challenges with the initial download of the Viewbar. Guess what happens when everyone attempts to download the Viewbar at once? That's right... Server overload.

So I just received an update from Agloco's Dan Jorgensen on the situation.

"The initial rush of excitement for the Viewbar release was so strong that our increased website congestion meant many Members had trouble getting through to download their Viewbar. We have fixed all that.

TO DOWNLOAD YOUR VIEWBAR, NOW simply go to third party download site - and click the "Download Now" button.

When prompted, select a location in the country closest to you for faster downloading. The Viewbar is also available for download on each Member's account page after logging in.

FORGOTTEN YOUR AGLOCO ACCOUNT INFORMATION - NO PROBLEM. GO TO and use the email address we sent this email to in order to retrieve your account information.

The AGLOCO technical team has also improved the Viewbar since it first became available. This updated version is the one now available for download. If you had trouble installing or using the Viewbar at first, now is a great time to try again. (If you have a working Viewbar it automatically upgraded to this new version and you do not need to download a new one."

If you haven't signed up for Agloco, you can click the "sign up" banner at the top of this page. Let's make some money while surfing online!


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