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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Where's the Viewbar?

'That is the number one question on everyone’s mind. AGLOCO has stated that the Viewbar was slated for release between April 2 - 16. Now they’re saying it’s “days away.”'

Hmmm. A delay on the Agloco viewbar doesn't bode well in my opinion.

Here's what the Agloco blog is saying about the situation, 'let me give you today’s Viewbar update. As mentioned previously, our delaying item is getting our partners’ ad servers to ‘talk’ correctly to the Viewbar. It requires programming on both their servers and our Viewbar to integrate correctly - not as simple as just signing up for Google AdSense :) . After that is solved the Viewbar download area will need to be transferred from our test servers to our main site to handle the volume, where we will test it again (when this occurs our main site will be down, but we will give a warning before that occurs). Until the ‘glitches’ in the ad server integration are solved I cannot give a more accurate release date than “days away”.'

I'm sure many are anxious to start making money with Agloco.


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