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Friday, May 4, 2007

Agloco Scam Update

Well, I see the Agloco blog has put out another post about the viewbar release, which disposes some who claim the Agloco scam is real.

I read an interesting point that looked at the notion of Agloco being a scam. They didn't think it was, but I found this excerpt interesting, "Now, here’s the knee slapper: Agloco will convert these ‘hour units’ not into cash but into shares. But Agloco is a private company in start-up mode; has no public shares to distribute; is not profitable; hasn’t even released a product; and its founders failed the first time they tried this venture (what they lack in creativity, I suppose, they make up in persistence). Furthermore, according to SEC regulations, Agloco can not distribute unregistered shares to the public. While the ability of Agloco to produce and distribute value hinges on being able to going public, it’s ironic that the least amount of attention has been paid to this point."

An Agloco scam is probably not in the works, just a plan that will have the average Joe struggling to make money. I'm thinking there are better opportunities out there.


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